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Cho Dang Gol (Korean  / $)

 Come with a big group to order lots and share - order the omelet, jeons, kimchi biji jjigae, bulgogi stew

Estela (New American / $$)

Great for a cozy date night - must order the Endive salad, beef tartare, and ricotta dumplings

Hav & Mar (Seafood / $$)

Fusion of ethiopian and swedish flavors - don’t sleep on the drinks or dessert

Russ and Daughters (Bagels / $)

The bagel shop is the more authentic experience vs. the cafe, go as early in the morning as possible and eat at a nearby park - don't miss the lox

Wayla (Thai / $$)

On a warm night sit on back patio and order cocktails - foodwise order moo sarong, sai oua, and lobster noodles if with a group

Torrisi Bar & Restaurant (Italian / $$)

Glamorous and made to impress - ask for specials on the menu

I sodi (Italian / $$)

Everything you want from an intimate and cozy downtown Manhattan restaurant, make reservations early or walk in at opening for a spot for 2

Dame (Seafood / $$)

Always a special experience no matter what time you go, make reservations far in advance or walk in at opening to snag a spot for two and be prepared to wait

Bungalow (Modern Indian / $$)

A deeply stellar take on genuine Indian cuisine; be sure to try the Rajasthani lamb and ask for the off-menu mango and jamun. Pop-in for a pre-dinner drink for the full clubhouse experience. 

Shu Jiao Fu Zhou (Chinese / $)

Come hungry and ready to roll up your sleeves - must order the dumplings, peanut noodles, and fish balls

Una Pizza Napoletana (Pizza / $)

Can’t go wrong with any pizza - the crust is what dreams are made of

Le Bernadin (French / $$$)

3 michelin star, for a deeply special occasion

Brooklyn & Queens

Zaab Zaab (Thai / $$ / Queens)

Must order larb ped udon, pad thai, goong pow

The Four Horseman (New American / $$ / Brooklyn)

Go for the set lunch menu on weekends - order the natural wine

Robertas (Pizza / $$ / Brooklyn)

Go with a big group on a beautiful day to sit on the outdoor patio

Miss Ada (Israeli / $$ / Brooklyn)

Dips are glorious, particularly the whipped ricotta and lamb shawarma hummus - must order kebabs

Chongqing Lao Zao (Chinese / $ / Queens)

Go with a big group for hot pot

Adda (Indian / $$ / Queens)

Can’t miss the naans and butter chicken

Olmsted (New American / $$ / Brooklyn)

Go early and have a drink in the back garden

Llama Inn (Peruvian / $$ / Brooklyn)

Order anticuchos, beets, muña, and goat cheese

Taqueria Ramirez (Tacos / $ / Brooklyn)

Tacos out of a storefront the size of a closet -  order al pastor and be prepared to wait in line

Lilia (Italian / $$$ / Brooklyn)

Most famous for agnolotti and must try the gelato

Lucali (Pizza / $$ / Brooklyn)

No reservations, stand in line at ~4pm ideally on a weekday

Aska (Scandinavian / $$$ / Brooklyn)

Two michelin-star tasting menu

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