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Imperial Hotel (Breakfast / $$$)

Prix-fixe menu that you will truly remember, be sure to carve out enough time to enjoy the meal leisurely

Hakata Hotaru (Japense / $$)

Authentic local izakaya

Shin (Japanese / $)

Understated & intimate spot for sensational udon noodles - recommend the zaru udon, niku udon, or the carbonara inspired udon for a true indulgence

Ten-Ichi (Japanese / $$)

Tempura made with the freshest seasonal ingredients, recommend the location at the Peninsula

Fureika (Chinese / $$$)

An elegant and chic dining experience ideal for celebrations, must order the Peking duck and soup dumplings

Eiki (Japanese / $)

Best known for yakitori, a remarkable experience from before you even step foot in the restaurant, be sure to reserve seats in advance by phone as it’s a small restaurant with few seats

Gen Yamamoto (Cocktails / $$)

Highly recommend the cocktail tasting menu created from carefully selected and seasonal fresh produce and fine liqours

Narisawa (Japanese / $$$)

Two michelin stars, an experience worth traveling for - don’t miss the carefully sourced wines

Sushi Saito (Japanese / $$$)

A true delight for all the senses considered one of the world’s best sushi restaurants, extremely difficult reservationmust call on the first day of the month

Tofuya Ukai (Japanese / $$)

A glimpse of traditional Japan featuring a beautiful Japanese garden - specialize in tofu dishes so don’t miss the Tosui-tofu and age-dengaku

Ichiran ramen (Japanese / $)

Go here for a deeply unique ramen experience - customers order from a machine and sit in cubicles!

Hashiguchi (Japanese / $$$)

An extraordinary gourmet sushi experience - one of the best in the world, extremely difficult reservation with no phones / photos allowed

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